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Smart Retur is driving change in the industry. Frankly, the industry was very different beforewe came along. Our dry and efficient depots are not just where we store your pallets–theyare also home to some cutting-edge technology that we were the first to adopt. This includesour cameras, which not only help to sortthe pallets, but also ensure transparent, predictableoperations so that you–and we–can always maintain a complete overview.
Our passion at Smart Retur
You are experts in getting your products to the right place at the right time. We are experts in reverse logistics, and we want to help you become even more efficient, profitable and environmentally friendly. Every successful business needs growth and value creation, but if that business relies on overconsumption and the misuse of resources, the prospects for long-term growth are poor.
Plastic pallets are the future
Wooden pallets have a lifetime of three years, but plastic pallets can go on for 20 – and then they can be recycled into new pallets. This means they have a much lower carbon footprint than wooden pallets. If we are to reach our climate targets, we have to reduce logging. One simple and efficient way of doing that is by switching to plastic pallets.