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Reuse is the key

We create value for you by looking after your assets. Producing timber requires considerable resources. Before Smart Retur’s innovative model turned the industry on its head in 2012, emissions from the pallet industry were enormous. We changed the strategy, investing in modern technologies that enable a circular model that keeps the pallets in circulation. All the pallets are scanned, sorted and repaired as needed. This gives us – and you – a reuse level of up to 98 per cent. Reuse makes all the difference.


reuse of what our customers return

3 mill.

repaired pallets yearly

No unnecessary shipments

Maximising your vehicle capacity utilisation cuts costs and emissions.

Having full trucks travelling from our large warehouses to delivery points and back, reduces the number of shipments and vehicles needed. That means we keep emissions and shipping costs to a minimum, for you and for us.

Fyllingsgrad Padding

Know the full extent of what you get with Smart Retur

It is important to us that you know the full extent of what you get when you partner with us. You should know what you are buying, who you are dealing with and how our products and services make your business more profitable and sustainable.

Our efficiency and unique, circular model have been made possible by major investment in digitalisation and modern technologies. At our largest depots, advanced cameras scan the pallets so that we can quickly repair them and give you detailed reports on sorting results, repairs and reuse level.

In the pallet bank, you always have complete control over your reverse logistics. You ensure that you have exactly what you need – no more, no less – so you avoid all unnecessary resource use and all unnecessary emissions.

Help us to reduce logging, as it is crucial

The global forest absorbs high volumes of CO2, and is the most important and natural tool our planet has to reduce the steadily increasing amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. If we are to help combat the climate crisis, we must reduce logging for the production of materials that cannot be reused or recycled. One of the ways we can reduce logging is by increased reuse of timber, which is something we are focusing on. (Source:

At Smart Retur, we are committed to responsible and efficient operations – at all stages. We have committed ourselves to the ESG guidelines here, which ensure that we act correctly when it comes to environmental, social and corporate governance matters.